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The opening ceremony of the Expo Marketing Center

Number of visits: Date:2017-07-06 11:39:06

In June 20th, the opening ceremony of the Expo Marketing Center opened in Foshan, Shunde, Longjiang.


In the morning, representatives of the government of Longjiang Town, Foshan District, Foshan home Materials Association, project shareholders and people from all walks of life come to the scene in Shunde. The summary manager Chen Mu help clarify the project format as "three distribution center, a base, two platforms, namely to furniture accessories brand, city center one-stop business service center, furniture accessories brand incubator, a new form of trade exhibition platform as the core, including product exhibition marketing, furniture industry development, industrial design brand incubator, financial logistics and other eight industries, one-stop integrated city furniture industry, providing a full range of support for the economic development of industrial prosperous furniture accessories industry, the town of Longjiang.

Shunde, Longjiang, as an important base in China's furniture industry, after 30 years of rapid development, furniture accessories gradually diversified, high-end, internationalization closer. The market competition is becoming more and more intense, and the industrial overcapacity is becoming increasingly apparent. According to the present development of furniture industry in Shunde, Shunde governments at all levels to guide the construction of productive service platform, the Department of government followed the pace around the furniture industry to strengthen construction of the service platform, to build industry ecosystem perfect, help the furniture enterprises in Shunde light transformation.

The Department of Guangdong Province as a key construction project of Longjiang furniture industry, inherited the strong accumulation, based on the commanding heights of industry, boost industrial restructuring and development and upgrading, efforts to create a set of furniture accessories industry research and development, industrial design, modern information management, brand incubator, industrial finance, logistics services, brand marketing services and industrial trade exhibition and other integrated services as one of the furniture industry service area.

Afternoon, by the Longjiang town of Shunde District of Foshan City Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, Foshan city Home Furnishing materials of Commerce, Department of global furniture Expo (accessories) furniture material industry forum change peak new trend of Service Center hosted the "Internet plus" in exchange for Expo marketing center. The forum invited the Guangdong University of Finance and economics professor Wang Xianqing, Central University of Finance and Economics professor Han Fuling, the regional manager Cao Huali, a Alibaba in Shenzhen city to find material material asked network science and technology limited company co-founder Zheng Daoyong share: focus on furniture material industry of the moment and not to discuss effect of consumption upgrading, channel innovation, technology innovation and development of the Internet China furniture material industry the future of the industry to seek new growth momentum. 

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