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The second China furniture industry cluster

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Guangdong news network Foshan on 19 August, August 18th (Cai Jianzhong newgreen), sponsored by Foshan Shunde district government jointly China Furniture Association Second Annual Conference and China furniture industry cluster of Shunde Furniture Association founded 15th anniversary celebration party, held at the Sheraton Hotel in Daliang. Home and abroad manufacturers and dealers from home and abroad have attended nearly 1000 people.
Shunde deputy head of the district government, economic and Technological Promotion Bureau Liu Yi said in his speech, after the industrial cultivation and development of 30 years, from the past to today Longjiang around Shunde, the furniture industry has also fully deserve to blossom everywhere, therefore won the "China furniture manufacturing center", "China furniture trade", "Chinese furniture the material of all", "China Woodworking Machinery town", "Chinese coating of the township" and "Chinese rail hinge industry base" and other six furniture around the national honor. Shunde furniture, as a regional economic prosperity of the engine and the "two a" traditional industries on behalf of the beautiful name card known both at home and abroad.
The theme of the celebration is the industry development forum, entitled "new forces, new values and new models". Sun Lijian, vice president of the school of economics at Fudan University, made a keynote speech on the impetus of the domestic market, and Chen Haoran, President of Europe's home, made a keynote speech to deliver new value to the emerging market.
China home association chairman Zhu Changling attended the celebration, he believes that as the birthplace of modern Chinese furniture manufacturing industry cluster, after 35 years of cultivation and development, Shunde furniture has become a Chinese influence the world's important force, especially it brings out the most large, relatively complete industrial chain cluster, has become demonstration and learning other traditional areas and emerging Chinese regional plate growth pattern, to promote the development of Chinese furniture industry has played a positive role in promoting.
Shunde Furniture Association President Li Tak said that today, Shunde furniture people need to collectively reflect and sum up 35 years of industrial models and valuable experience. He pointed out that, at present, China's furniture industry pattern and competitive environment has undergone profound changes, Shunde furniture has reached a critical period of transformation and upgrading, mode reengineering. Shunde Furniture Association will thoroughly implement the Shunde district government proposed to the transformation of the main line, focus on reform and industry two major themes, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to enhance industrial competitiveness as the goal, efforts to promote the integration of the furniture industry upgrade, bigger and stronger, and promote the sustainable development of Shunde furniture industry.
As the first Chinese furniture manufacturing town, Longjiang town Party Secretary Liang Xiongzhao said in an interview with reporters, Longjiang town government will continue to adhere to the "integration and promotion, stronger" industrial policy, Shunde furniture industry to achieve by the number of speed type to quality and economic returns, this is the only way which must be passed the sustainable and healthy development. Adhere to the high starting point, specialization, standardization, informationization and upgrading to promote intensive, leading industry scale and the modernization of enterprise, promote enterprise development strategy, technological progress, market development, research and design, resource integration and other aspects, so as to create a more complete industrial chain upgrading platform, by reshaping the industry the discovery of the value and competition mode, from the "manufacturing" to "create", enhance the core competitiveness of the region fundamentally, become the new engine of the development of the industry, promote the industrial upgrading, promote the continued prosperity of the regional economy.
In celebration, Shunde Furniture Association, Lecong Furniture Association, Hunan Yiyang City, the three parties responsible for the investment and construction of Yiyang "Shunde city" large Home Furnishing project signed a formal contract, the supermarkets will also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shunde furniture brand alliance.
It is understood that the Shunde Furniture Association, founded in August 18, 1997, is the earliest China furniture industry of the first batch of municipal and county industry association, association of the resident in China modern furniture manufacturing Shunde the birthplace of Longjiang, the existing more than 300 members. 15 years, Shunde Furniture Association passed from the creation of learning, from exploration to innovation, from the foundation to the prosperity of the business process, always adhere to the "service members, service industry, service society" for the purpose, to play a positive role of bridge and link.
Guangdong Province, deputy director of the Commission by letter of Li Xiangming, the central government in Hong Kong Office Deputy economy minister Xu Lin, former mayor of Guangzhou, Li Zi Liu, Hunan vice mayor of Yiyang, Hu Lian, and Foshan City, Shunde district government departments responsible person attended the evening celebration.

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